Snapchat Planets –Your Personal Solar System Of Friends!

Checking my Snapchat Planets was like finding a special map of my friendships. Each friend was like a different, colourful planet, showing who I talked to the most. It made me feel happy seeing all my friends orbiting around me in a fun way.

Snapchat Planets is a feature on Snapchat that shows your best friends as colourful planets orbiting around you. It’s like a fun way to see who you talk to the most on the app.

Unlock the secrets of Snapchat Planets and embark on a journey through your digital universe today! 

What Are Snapchat Planets? – Let’s Explore Together!

Snapchat Planets are a cool part of Snapchat where your best friends are like colourful planets spinning around you, just like in space. You’re the centre of this digital solar system; a different planet represents each friend.

The closer the friend, the closer their planet orbits around you. It’s a fun way to see who you talk to the most on Snapchat and who’s important in your digital world.

With Snapchat Planets, you can explore your friendships in a whole new way. It’s like having a special map of your closest friends in the app. Seeing your friends as colourful planets orbiting around you can make you feel happy and connected, and it’s a fun way to see who you’re closest to on Snapchat.

How Does Snapchat Planets Make Our Snapchat Experience Meaningful?

Snapchat Planets adds a fun twist to how we see our friendships on the app. It’s like a colourful map of our social universe, showing us who we’re closest to and who we talk to the most.

How Does Snapchat Planets Make Our Snapchat Experience Meaningful?
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By visualizing our friends as planets orbiting around us, Snapchat Planets helps us understand our social connections playfully and engagingly.

With Snapchat Planets, we can prioritize interactions and see who matters most in our digital world. It’s a unique feature that makes Snapchat even more fun and meaningful, allowing us to explore our friendships in a new light.

Whether seeing our closest friends represented as colourful planets or understanding the dynamics of our social circle, Snapchat Planets adds an extra layer of enjoyment to our Snapchat experience.

How Do Snapchat Planets Work? – Learn More!

  • Open Snapchat and go to your profile.
  • Look for colourful planets surrounding your Bitmoji.
  • Each planet represents a different friend.
  • The order of the planets shows how much you interact with each friend.
  • Closer planets indicate closer friendships.
  • Each planet has its own colours and symbols based on your connection.
  • Snapchat Planets offer a fun and visual way to see your closest friends on the app.

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When Can You Use Snapchat Planets!

You can use Snapchat Planets anytime you want to see and understand your closest friendships on the app. Whether you’re curious about which friends you interact with the most or simply want to explore your social circle in a fun and visual way,

When Can You Use Snapchat Planets!
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Snapchat Planets are always available for you to check. Just open the Snapchat app and navigate to your profile to see your colourful solar system of friendships orbiting around you. 

Whether during a quick break between chats or while relaxing at home, Snapchat Planets are ready to provide insight into your social connections whenever you need them. So,

whenever you feel like exploring your digital universe of friendships and seeing who’s orbiting closest to you, just open Snapchat and dive into the world of Snapchat Planets.

Understanding the Planets:

Just like the planets in our solar system, each Snapchat planet has its characteristics and significance:

  • Mercury: Your closest friend on Snapchat. This planet represents the friend you engage with the most, sharing messages, snaps, and streaks.
  • Venus: The second-closest friend in your solar system. While not as close as Mercury, Venus still holds significant importance in your social orbit.
  • Earth: Your third-best friend on Snapchat. This planet is like a familiar satellite, representing a grounded and reliable friendship.
  • Mars: The fourth-closest friend in your orbit. This planet may shine with stars and emojis, indicating a strong connection despite being farther away.
  • Jupiter: Your fifth-best friend, characterized by its distinct orange hue. While not as close as the inner planets, Jupiter still plays a significant role in your social universe.
  • Saturn: Representing your sixth-closest friend, Saturn stands out with its iconic ring. This friend adds a unique flair to your social interactions.
  • Uranus: Your seventh-closest friend, depicted as a green globe. Despite being farther away, Uranus still contributes to the diversity of your social solar system.
  • Neptune: The eighth-best friend in your orbit. While distant, Neptune remains a part of your social galaxy, albeit with less frequent interactions.

Exploring Your Solar System!

Exploring Your Solar System” means checking out the Snapchat Planets feature in Snapchat. It’s like looking at a map of your friendships. You can see who you talk to the most and learn more about your social circle. It’s fun and helps you understand your connections better.

Exploring Your Solar System!
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Frequently asked questions 

1. Can I customize my Snapchat Planets?

No, Snapchat Planets are automatically generated based on your interactions with friends on the app. You can’t manually change the order or appearance of the planets.

2. Can others see my Snapchat Planets?

No, your Snapchat Planets are only visible to you. They are part of your profile and are not shared with other users.

3. How accurate are Snapchat Planets in reflecting my friendships?

Snapchat Planets provides a general overview of your closest friends on the app. While they can give insight into your interactions, they may not fully capture the complexity of your relationships.

4. Are Snapchat Planets available on all devices?

Yes, Snapchat Planets are available on both iOS and Android devices for Snapchat app users. However, they may not be accessible on other platforms like Snapchat’s web version.


Snapchat Planets offer a playful way to see your closest friends on the app, visualizing them as colourful planets orbiting around you. It’s a fun feature that provides insights into your social circle and helps you prioritize your interactions. 

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