Corporate Gift Ideas for Clients and Employees

Corporate gifts help show clients and employees that you appreciate their role in your business. They can include electronic gadgets, stationery, clothing, and more. Here are some gifts to give your clients and employees:

Backpacks and Bags

A stylish reusable bag, such as a laptop sleeve, backpack, or tote bag, makes a functional corporate gift. Brand the backpack to allow the recipient to show off your brand wherever they go.

Purchase bags of different designs to suit various employee tastes, whether they prefer larger bags for work-related travel or smaller bags for daily use.

Reusable Drink Bottles

Reusable drink bottles are convenient and customizable. They allow your clients or employees to transport their drinks while showcasing your company colors and logo.

Some stainless-steel water bottles are built with vacuum insulation to maintain the drink’s temperature. Employees can use them when attending meetings, business trips, and personal commitments.

Travel Mugs

Gift your employees a travel mug to carry when going on work trips. Choose one that can safely hold cold or hot drinks for increased versatility. When not in use, these mugs provide good storage for tea bags.

Most car cup holders accommodate them, allowing users to enjoy drinks in their cars. They are easy to clean after use and dry quickly.


Notebooks allow employees to remain organized and productive by providing a place to make to-do lists, jot ideas, and take notes during events.

Team members can carry them on business trips and daily commutes. Clients and employees may also use these books as daily planners and personal journals.


Branded USB drives and power banks are suitable corporate gifts for promoting your company. Employees and clients can use electronics to simplify their daily tasks. They use USB drives to carry documents they might need during the day.

Power banks provide alternative power for phones, allowing them to remain connected throughout the day. Personalize the electronics with their names in addition to your brand name.


Gift your clients and employees branded T-shirts, hoodies, and other apparel. Branded clothing provides a comfortable advertisement medium that individuals can wear. Customize a polo shirt with a small company logo on one pocket side.

Create a limited hat design accompanying a new product launch for hat lovers. As more clients wear your customized apparel, they help increase your visibility and may introduce your brand to others.


Badge holders and custom lanyards are small and inexpensive corporate gifts suitable for carrying keychains, fitness trackers, and ID badges. They boost brand awareness during corporate events and other occasions.

Users can wear them to school campaigns, product presentations, and business meetings. Their versatility also makes them compatible with different clients and employees.

Pop Sockets

Pop sockets are plastic circles attached to a phone case or the back of a phone. They stick to the phone using adhesive and are adjustable, allowing you to extend them outward like an accordion. Employees and clients use them to provide additional device grip. Pop sockets make practical, customizable, and cost-effective corporate gifts.

Branded eGift Cards

Customize digital rewards that your employees can redeem directly from their emails. Digital gifts include magazine subscriptions, eBook downloads, and digital movie rentals.

Recipients redeem their rewards by clicking branded email links. They use a code to access an eGift Card or digital magazine shop. This allows them to browse subscriptions or select their favorite movies.

Learn More About Corporate Gifts

Giving corporate gifts to clients and employees can help enhance networking opportunities, strengthen relationships, and increase brand awareness.

Stylish bags, water bottles, and personalized electronics make suitable corporate gifts. Consult a professional corporate merchandise company today to browse their gift and packaging options.

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