Beholderen – Everything You Need To Know!

Facing a beholder in my first D&D campaign was like staring into my fears made real. Its menacing eyes challenged our teamwork and strategy, teaching me resilience and the thrill of overcoming daunting obstacles.

“Beholderen” is a scary creature in Dungeons & Dragons with a round body, many eyes on stalks, and strong magic powers. It’s a tough enemy that players face in fantasy games, known for its tricky attacks and special abilities.

Join us as we explore the mysteries and challenges of the mysterious beholden in fantasy games.

What Is A Beholderen In Dungeons & Dragons? – Master Facts!

In Dungeons & Dragons, a beholder is a fearsome creature that adventurers encounter deep within dungeons or ancient ruins. It’s known for its unique appearance—a large, round body covered in tough scales and adorned with ten eye stalks, each ending in a different magical ray. 

What Is A Beholderen In Dungeons & Dragons? – Master Facts!
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At the centre of its body is a large eye that can shoot powerful beams and even create an antimagic field around it, nullifying spells and magical effects within its gaze. Beholderens are highly intelligent and often solitary, preferring to live in remote and well-defended lairs filled with traps and treasures. 

They are driven by paranoia and a desire for power, making them unpredictable adversaries for any adventuring party.

Their ability to manipulate magic and their complex tactics in battle make them one of the most challenging foes to face in the world of Dungeons & Dragons, requiring careful planning and teamwork to overcome their formidable defences.

What Are The Magical Abilities Of A Beholderen? 

  • Eye Stalks: Each of the beholder’s ten eye stalks can unleash a different magical ray.
  • Magical Rays: These rays can cause effects such as paralysis, damage, fear, and disintegration.
  • Central Eye: Emits an antimagic cone that nullifies spells and magical effects within its range.
  • Versatility: The beholderen can target multiple foes simultaneously with its various eye rays.
  • Challenge: Requires adventurers to strategize and adapt tactics due to its potent magical abilities.

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How Many Eyes Does A Beholderen Have? – Count The Eyes!

A beholderen has many eyes—specifically, it has ten of them. These eyes are located on long stalks that protrude from its round body, giving it a distinctive and intimidating appearance. Each eye stalk can shoot different magical rays, like beams of energy that can hurt or control others. 

These rays are powerful and can affect adventurers in various ways, making beholderens dangerous opponents in Dungeons & Dragons games.The main eye in the center of a beholderen’s body is the most powerful. It can create a cone of anti-magic, which means spells and magical items don’t work in that area. 

This ability makes it even harder for adventurers who rely on magic to fight or escape from a beholderen’s attack. Overall, the many eyes of a beholderen not only give it a fearsome look but also make it a formidable enemy that adventurers must be cautious and prepared to face.

Why Are Beholderens Feared By Adventurers? 

  • Powerful Magical Abilities: They possess a variety of potent magical rays and an antimagic cone that can neutralize spells, making them formidable opponents.
  • Complex Tactics: Beholderens are highly intelligent and use strategic thinking in battle, making them unpredictable adversaries.
  • Paranoia and Solitary Nature:They often live in well-defended lairs and are distrustful of others, making encounters with them dangerous and potentially lethal.
  • Physical and Magical Resilience:Their tough scales and magical abilities make them difficult to defeat, requiring careful planning and teamwork.
  • Treasures and Traps: Beholderen liars are typically filled with valuable treasures and deadly traps, adding to the challenge and risk for adventurers.

How Does A Beholderen Use Its Antimagic Cone? 

A beholderen uses its antimagic cone to create a special area around itself where magic doesn’t work. Imagine a big cone-shaped zone extending from its central eye. This means spells, magical items, and even powers from other magical creatures stop working within this area. 

How Does A Beholderen Use Its Antimagic Cone? 
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Adventurers who rely on magic find this especially challenging because their spells won’t have any effect while they’re inside the cone. To defeat a beholderen, adventurers must lure it out of the cone’s range or find ways to disable or avoid it.

This ability makes beholderens tough opponents, requiring clever tactics and teamwork to overcome their formidable defenses.

What Are The Different Types Of Beholderens? 


The classic beholder is known for its spherical body covered in tough scales, ten eye stalks, and a central eye capable of emitting powerful magical rays. These rays can inflict damage, cause paralysis, induce fear, and more, posing a significant threat to adventurers.

Death Tyrant:

A death tyrant is an undead beholder with a withered appearance and a relentless hunger for souls. It retains the abilities of a traditional beholder but gains additional necrotic powers, such as draining life force and controlling undead creatures.


Spectators are smaller, lawful beholderkin summoned to guard specific locations or enforce magical contracts. They lack the full array of eye stalks but compensate with innate spellcasting abilities and a vigilant nature that makes them loyal guardians.


Gauths are younger beholderkin resembling beholders but with fewer eye stalks and less magical prowess. Despite their reduced abilities, they are still formidable opponents, particularly in groups or when guarding the lairs of more powerful beholderens.


Directors are beholderkin known for their exceptional leadership skills among beholders. They possess a unique ability to coordinate attacks and strategies among multiple beholders, making them dangerous opponents when encountered in groups.

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Where Do Beholderens Live In D&D Campaigns? 

Beholderens typically reside in underground lairs, deep dungeons, or remote caverns where they can protect their treasures and plan their schemes away from prying eyes.

How Do Adventurers Defeat A Beholderen? 

Defeating a beholderen requires careful planning, exploiting its vulnerabilities, and using teamwork to overcome its formidable defenses and magical prowess.

When Was The Beholderen First Introduced Into Dungeons & Dragons? 

The beholder, as a creature, was first introduced in the original Greyhawk supplement in 1975, marking its debut in the Dungeons & Dragons universe.

Can Beholderens Form Alliances With Other Creatures? 

While beholderens are typically solitary creatures, they may form temporary alliances if it serves their interests, although such alliances are often fragile and short-lived.

What Role Do Beholderens Play In Fantasy Storytelling? 

Beholderens play a significant role as formidable adversaries and plot catalysts in Dungeons & Dragons adventures, adding suspense, challenge, and intrigue to storytelling.


Beholderens are famous and powerful creatures in the Dungeons & Dragons world. Known for their scary look and strong magic, they challenge adventurers with their smart tactics and dangerous abilities. 

From the classic beholder to other types like death tyrants and spectators, these creatures add excitement and danger to D&D games.

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